Dance Flick review

Another spoof film from the Wayans Brothers fails to make an impression

In case the title hasn’t tipped you off, this latest laugh-famine from the Wayans brothers – the good-mood murderers behind White Chicks and Little Man – is a spoof of teenage dance-off films. Barrel? Check. Fish? Check. Shotgun? Locked and loaded…

Save The Last Dance and Step Up 2: The Streets are the main targets, as funky white girl Megan (Shoshana Bush) and the Cosby-esque Thomas (Damon Wayans Jr) navigate an interracial romance while building the world’s greatest inner city dance crew.

Toothless and obvious, even its ‘best’ gag – a farting-ballerina set piece – was done more effectively, for free, on YouTube a year ago.

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