Daddy Day Camp review

When you can’t even attract Eddie Murphy – the man who said yes to Norbit – for the sequel to a movie (2003’s Daddy Day Care) that actually helped his career, you know you’re in trouble. Give it up, then, for Cuba Gooding Jr, an actor for whom no role is too stupid or too slapstick. Daddy 2 doesn’t even live up to Daddy 1’s low standards, sinking straight into familiar kid-com territory by pitting a bunch of confidence-free nerds (the ragtag residents of Gooding Jr’s childcare camp) against a bullying, upmarket rival. Gooding Jr gamely gurns his way through the contractual pratfalls, vomit gags and sharing/learning scenes, but it’s still a complete waste of everyone’s time. And unlike Norbit, it failed to generate interest across the pond. Follow US audiences’ lead – pitch your cinematic tent elsewhere.

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