Cut the cutscenes!

David Jaffe the creator of the magnificent PS2 game God of War has expressed his dislike of cutscenes in games and has started taking them out of the top secret project he's working on for PSP.

Writing in his latest blog, Jaffe states that any scene that takes control away from the player in order to progress the storyline "pulls you out of the game - it's almost like you appreciate the creativity but as a game it doesn't work".

With this in mind Jaffe and his team have started stripping the PSP game they're currently developing of all cutscenes, while still trying to convey meaning and elements of plot. As Jaffe explains, this won't be easy, "the real trick is how do we keep you in the game and make it more than a game, make it emotional and make it political."

So Jaffe's game is going to be "emotional" and "political". Could it be a game of Evita the Musical? We'll have to wait and see.