Customized Valentine's Day candy for our favorite games

I truly consider myself lucky today. Unlike some of you single mopes out there, the only problem plaguing me is not having a working computer. So here I sit, with none of the several dozen things it requires to post crap on GamesRadar… But instead of being all doom and gloom, I decided to whip up this half assed feature using the only thing that seems to work on this loaner laptop, Cryptogram’s Candy Heart Generator.

Above: lol, right? I kno!

In the past, we’ve made Valentine’s using our favorite games, but lacking the cleverness and the publishing capabilities, I decided to make tender sentiments tailored specifically to my favorite titles and characters. Because they really do deserve it… and there’s not a whole lot else for me to do right now! Enjoy (or don’t, dicks!)

Feb 14, 2011

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