Csny Dj Vu review

“Different times, same problems” is the thinking behind this craggy but very watchable documentary of internally fractious folk-rockers Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s Freedom Of Speech tour. Having manned the late-’60s protest-song frontline, CSNY centred their ’06 jaunt around Neil Young’s agreeably ramshackle anti-Iraq War album, Living With War. But can saggy ’60s survivors speak to today’s world? Hell, can they even sing? Hired to shoot the tour along these theme-lines, news reporter Mike Cerre uses the road-movie map to plot America’s political divisions and meet soldiers and survivors en route. These political threads are never fully woven into intra-band ones, but when a hefty chunk of one audience throws a hick hissy-fit during ‘Let’s Impeach The President’, CSNY get you cheering. Not bad for “four balding hippy millionaires”…


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