CS:GO's biggest item collector has reportedly been hacked, with $2 million of items on the line

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Members of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community are reeling amid reports that the game's most prolific item collector, with an inventory worth over $2 million USD, has had his account hacked.

Yesterday, content creator ohnePixel said on Twitter that "$2,000,000+ in CS:GO skins have been hacked and stolen (some items getting moved/sold as we speak)." ohnePixel notes that "this is the most expensive inventory all-time, containing the most legendary items in CS:GO history," including seven Souvenir AWP Dragon Lores, and the no-star Karambit - a unique item that only exists because of a glitch.

zipelCS, owner of a CS:GO skin-trading site and esports team ECSTATIC, reported that the hacked account belongs to HFB - a figure that's legendary in the CS:GO community. HFB's actual identity is difficult to nail down, but community legend holds that he's a member of Saudi Arabian royalty who's collected millions of dollars worth of CS:GO items despite not even playing the game.

Whatever the truth of HFB's identity, zipelCS said that many of the items sold from HFB's hacked account had disappeared from their new owners. The account for buff163, another CS:GO skin marketplace, noted that purchased items were disappearing from Steam inventories - seemingly an indication that Valve had taken the rare step of intervening directly against the sale of hacked items.

zipelCS further added a screenshot indicating that CS:GO support was directly reverting some of the affected trades. Players have speculated that Valve's direct action suggests it's likely an exploit within Steam led to the hack - but there's not yet any evidence to suggest that this is the case.

We've reached out to Valve for comment and will update this story if we learn more. The company has not yet made any public statement on the hack.

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