Critical Role really wants you to break their upcoming TTRPG, Daggerheart

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You'll soon be able to try and probably break Daggerheart, the upcoming D&D rival from Critical Role.

You’ll be able to experience this new system first-hand very soon thanks to the upcoming launch of the Daggerheart Open Beta Playtest this March 12. With the full game due to make its debut in 2025, the publishing arm of Critical Role (Darrington Press) says that this period is a valuable opportunity for players to contribute their voices to the development process of this D&D competitor. More specifically: 

“We want anyone and everyone (over the age of 18, please) to help us make Daggerheart as wonderful as possible, which means…helping us break the game. Seriously! The game is not finished or polished yet, which is why it’s critical (ha!) to gather all of your feedback." 

When Darrington Press first teased Daggerheart back in April 2023, we were majorly intrigued by its promise to deliver a “fresh update” to fantasy RPGs. This isn’t meant as shade to giants like D&D, of course. Dungeons & Dragons is one of the best tabletop RPGs out there, and the Critical Role gang has been using the 5e system for years. Still, it’s so exciting to see innovation in the TTRPG space.

Daggerheart promo image showing a fire-wielding feline humanoid

(Image credit: Darrington Press)

What can playtesters expect once they dive in to Daggerheart's playtest, then? Well, for a start, they’ll have access to character creation tools and the playtest Nexus through the Demiplane platform, which also hosts Critical Role’s previous game, Candela Obscura. They’ll also receive PDF game resources via DriveThruRPG.

Even before the playtest has begun, it's clear Daggerheart has some interesting system quirks that set it apart from most TTRPGs. For one, Daggerheart will employ a 2d12 system, with each 12-sided die representing the opposing forces of hope and fear. Meanwhile, its character creation system promises to be a streamlined experience that takes cues from the likes of Index Card RPG and breaks everything down to an easily digestible format.

Instead of players having to flick through a hefty sourcebook, Daggerheart’s card system allows for a simpler way to create characters. It also provides an opportunity to put together a wildcard character by picking elements at random.

This is a promo image for Daggerheart. Pictured is a curvy, muscular person with coily, afro hair. They look down at the camera. Clawed hands appear behind them.

(Image credit: Darrington Press)

However, once you consider Daggerheart’s focus on story-driven long-term play, you might be more reluctant to let fate decide what kind of hero you’ll be. That said, the open beta is the perfect time to experiment. So, why not be a part of Daggerheart’s Open Beta Playtesting when it begins on March 12?

To mark the Open Beta Playtest launch – and Critical Role’s 9th-anniversary celebrations – the cast will do a live-streamed Daggerheart one-shot on Tuesday, March 12 at 7pm Pacific. This should give you some fun ideas for your future campaigns.

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