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Crash of the Titans review

Fun while it lasts, although it doesn't last long


  • Jacking monsters
  • Beautiful worlds
  • Humorous voice work


  • Gathering items
  • Stubborn camera
  • Brief adventure

Oct 8, 2007

Crash Bandicoot has been around long enough now that he needs a gimmick to capture our attention. In Crash of the Titans, he has one: he can take control of other animals! It's a simple concept with solid execution that definitely would place Crash's latest adventure among portable gaming's finest if only it weren't so short.

The game features six beautifully-rendered worlds, most with two primary action stages that last around 10 or 15 minutes apiece. As you jump and bash your way through each one on your journey to the final showdown with Neo Cortex, you'll encounter crates and pits aplenty, along with numerous monsters.

There are 18 creature varieties, all with interesting names and catch phrases they'll holler as you engage them in combat.They also possess special attacks you must avoid until you take control using your mojo mask.Then you can turn your new ally's skills against his former pals while you benefit from improved armor. Monster aid is required to break open large crates and to pass certain obstructions like rivers and lava flows, too, although such instances aren't particularly common.

The game is easy without the helpful monsters and easier still when they're properly utilized. Checkpoints are plentiful but seldom necessary except when the camera doesn't let you see that a bottomless pit was coming. Crash starts out strong, plus you can spend mojo points to upgrade attributes like health and attack power between stages. You can even play a pachinko mini-game for helpful items you can use by tapping their icons on the touch screen.

More info

DescriptionThis game was fun about five years ago. Now it's just mildly entertaining and somewhat annoying. Talk about losing your Mojo.
Platform"Xbox 360","Wii","PSP","PS2","DS"
US censor rating"Everyone 10+","Everyone 10+","Everyone 10+","Everyone 10+","Everyone 10+"
UK censor rating"3+","3+","3+","3+","3+"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)