CRAP games that scraped a seven out of ten

Because we’re mischievous bastards, we’ve also combed the archives of our competitors - IGN, 1UP and Gamespot - to find the most average reviewer for each site. And don’t think tallied up how many sevens they crapped out - that would’ve been too easy. Instead, we’ve aggregated the last ten of these reviewers’ scores - just like how the industry would - to see who was closest to the safe seven. If we all turned to aggregators for reviewers instead of reviews, these would be the journalists we’d think were pretty good, but not great. Yeah we’re dicks, but just to prove we’re fair, we found our own ultimate mediocre reviewer on our staff too.

Behold: the game journalists that are merely okay!

IGN - 7 - Decent
Ouch IGN. Decent? Tough love, guys. Obviously, they don’t think sevens are worth your time.

Reviewer -Ryan Clements
Average review score - 7.06
Mr. Clements just barely squeaked into mediocrity.

GameSpot - 7 - Good
Now we’re talking. The GS cleanly attributes the classic “Good” to the lazy 7.

Reviewer -Justin Calvert
Average review score - 6.9
Congratulations friend. You are alright.

1UP - B - Good
Metacriticassisted us in converting all the letter-based grades into an easily digestible, more assertive score that reviewers have been using for years. No more ambiguity!

Reviewer -Jeremy Parish
Average review score - 7.1
Mr. Parish needs to one up those scores (har har).

GamesRadar - 7 - Good
We’re no stranger to playing it safe either. Sue us.

Reviewer -Paul Ryan
Average review score - 7.1
Tough luck, buddy. Next year!

Jul 23, 2008