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Console war update: Sony reveals how many PS3s have been sold. And its quite a lot

Sony has released updated sales figures for PlayStation 3. According to the official numbers, PlayStation 3 recently surpassed the 70 million unit milestone, which puts it neck-and-neck with Xbox 360 according to Microsoft's own recent data for sales of its console. However, Sony has arrived at the 70 million mark faster than its rival, with PS3 launching in November 2006 and Xbox 360 getting a full 12 month head-start with a November 2005 launch.

The PlayStation Move controller also gets a mention, with 15 million sold since it was released in September 2010. Sony also notes that the motion device is now supported by more than 400 titles. The most recent figures for Microsoft’s Kinect, which launched November 2010, show it’s sold in excess of 18 million.

PlayStation Vita sales figures aren’t mentioned.

In comparison, at the last time of counting (September 30, 2012) Nintendo’s Wii has sold 97.18 million.

Source: Sony (via NeoGaf)

Matt Cundy
Matt Cundy
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