Condemned 2 - the bloodiest game of 2008

Can’t get enough gore with your game? Read on to find out how Condemned 2: Bloodshot plans to deliver the goods and turn your stomach in 2008.

1) Monolith’s great track record of action games consists of F.E.A.R. and its currently in-development sequel; the No One Lives Forever series; and Tron 2.0. Oh, and the original Condemned: Criminal Origins, obviously.

2) Manhunt 2 will look like My Little Pony in comparison to Condemned 2’s ferocious violence. Producer Dave Hasle has confirmed they’ve talked about the game’s content in light of what happened to Manhunt 2, but have decided not to remove or even tone down anything already in there at this stage. (As of press, senior producer Constantine Hantzopoulosis sayingotherwise).