What this seems to amount to is a bit of platformer-style adventuring in between the fun-looking, endlessly brutal slaughter. Each battle scene is littered with hidden weapons and an interactive backdrop, containing numerous clever ways to slice up your opponents - but of course you'll also be weighed down with giganto-weapons of your own, with which you'll learn a medley of cool moves and combos… the most popular being the dual-wielding scissor-head-slice.

The reason that most people remember Conan as Arnie Schwarzenegger with a big sword is because he is a vicious bastard. And one added bonus to Conan's combat is the way that your path is littered with the debris of your battles - every head you slice off, every gizzard you splatter up the wall, will remain indelibly on the scenery, as a testament to your barbarism. You've got to give Nihilistic their dues - they're going all out for that M rating.

It basically amounts to a no-nonsense, pick-up-and-pillage answer to Age of Conan's dense character-driven adventure. At this stage, the graphics aren't looking brilliant, with real old-gen simplicity to the some of the textures, while our first look at it last month didn't inspire confidence in the early version. But with at least a year's development left, there's time to make this far more impressive.