Colin Trevorrow responds to Jurassic World CGI criticisms

The first Jurassic World trailer may have dropped to mass online hysteria, but the reaction hasn’t been entirely positive, with some criticisms being raised over some of the more obvious moments of CGI.

While the original film was notable for some jaw-dropping practical effects, the new trailer contains a lot of computer-generated wizardry, including that first shot of the park’s new gates.

A couple of fans called Colin Trevorrow out on it on Colin Trevorrow, only for the director to reassure them that some scenes had been created purely for the trailer, including that shot of the iconic gateway…

“The gate will be practical,” says Trevorrow, reassuringly. “Real wood, concrete and steel. The gate is practical, the environment isn't. That shot was made specifically for the trailer. The film will be different.”

An early reminder then, if any were needed, of just how much Trevorrow’s film has to live up to, and how well-loved the original was…

Co-starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Irrfan Khan, Jurassic World will open in the UK and US on 12 July 2015.

George Wales

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