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Codsworth's favorite Fallout 4 name is officially 'Mr. Boobies'

By now, everyone within Fallout 4 (opens in new tab)'s marketing blast radius is at least aware of Codsworth, the floating, wisecracking, profane housekeeper robot turned wasteland warrior. What you may not know are the little things, like what his favorite name to call your character is. Thankfully, a behind-the-scenes look (opens in new tab) at the handy robot's creation has the answer:

"I do remember that both the engineer and myself lost it on Mr. Boobies," Codsworth voice actor Stephen Russell said of his favorite name. "I guess this is how juvenile I am." Russell explained that recording the 1,000 names Codsworth says (opens in new tab) took about a week, with an hour of recording each session dedicated to them. He said he had to be careful not to fall into a routine, to make each one "real."

And yes, that includes the profane and silly names. Like "Mr. Boobies."

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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