Coded Arms for PS3

Konami is taking its first-person shooter into the next generation with Coded Arms Assault, in development for the PlayStation 3.

Just like the original PSP version, Assault takes place in cyberspace, where a lone hacker is attempting to stop an evil corporation from achieving its aim of world chaos. But rather than dealing with binary or guessing a few passwords, this hacker is armed with guns and can get his hands on some major virtual explosives.

The trailer we saw at E3 - click that movies tab to see it for yourself - givesa few hints at the story; apparently, the hacker uses a special virus to make the virtual world look like the real one, which doesn't keep him from being antagonized by a giant monster made of bodies or a mysterious female hacker with a bazooka. We also know that, unlike the original Coded Arms for the PSP, the levels won't be randomly generated.

The game is being developed using the same technology as Unreal Tournament 2007, and looks hugely impressive as the hacker goes to work on the enemy forces and the surrounding destructible environment.

Assault will have numerous multiplayer option, including a four-player cooperative setup and 16-player deathmatch complete with vehicles.

May 19, 2006