Chocobo breeds revealed

Sony just released some more details regarding Final Fantasy XI's new Chocobo breeding program. Included are descriptions of some of the various breeds of the giant birds most adventurers use as mounts for quick travel.

Originally bred for armored combat in the nation of San d'Oria, these black Chocobos are capable of wearing heavy armor. However, since heavily armored cavalry have gone out of fashion among the realms of Vana'diel, these birds have become extremely rare... almost completely disappearing from the lands. While purebred Destriers are no longer found anywhere, their legacy occasionally crops up with the birth of extraordinarily rare black Chocobos.

Easily the most common breed of Chocobo, these animals have become the defacto mount of choice for the military of San d'Oria. While Coursers are most frequently yellow in color, red versions have been seen on rare occasions.

A little smaller than Coursers, these Chocobos were raised in the Republic of Bastok and Zepwell Island as a hearty breed capable of survival in extreme conditions. The most amiable of all the Chocobos, these gentle beasts are typically colored either blue or yellow.

The tiniest of all Chocobos, these are the favored mounts of the miniscule Tarutaru. Due to their small stature, they must run that much faster than their taller brethren in order to keep pace with the crowd. Over the years, breeding programs designed to help the Mithra stay hidden in forested areas has resulted in some Jennets having a green color.

Unpredictable with a sometimes fiery temper, these Chocobos were bred in the bustling duchy of Jeuno by the famous trainer Brutus and his family. Coming from wild Chocobo stock, the Rounsey is a durable breed that bears the erratic behavior of their feral parentage.

June 23, 2006