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Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book [import] review

Square's big yellow mascot returns with extra cuteness


  • Painfully cute
  • Amusing minigames
  • Directing your chocobo with the stylus


  • Minigames are too easy or too difficult
  • PopUp Duel is lame
  • Not much to do here

Here%26rsquo;s the defining moment; in the opening town%26rsquo;s park, you%26rsquo;ll encounter a solitary member of the Chokazu sitting idly near a seesaw. So, which scenario plays out if you tap on the saw? a) Your choco rips the seesaw board clean off its balancing support, before pummeling its rival into oblivion and taking his dismembered beak as a trophy? b) A short and sweet interval plays out as the two drumsticks-to-be frolic gaily on the seesaw?

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DescriptionFrom the moment the title screen follows the stylus around with its massive eyes, this game is frighteningly adorable.
Release date12 December 2006 (US), (UK)