Chinese take out

We've lost several hours to Splinter Cell Double Agent over the past couple of weeks, but rather than hog all the fun, we figured we'd share it with you. So far, our favorite level is definitely Shanghai, which is fairly early on in the game so we're not spoiling too much by giving you a sneak peak (click that Movies tab above) of the action in this newest Splinter Cell magnum opus.

Stealthy superspy Sam Fisher, now playing both sides of the fence as a double agent, must infiltrate a high-rise hotel, steal a bunch of stuff and spy on his employers to keep the NSA from thinking he's completely succumbed to the dark side. The whole episode is set high above the Vegas-rivaling, neon orgasm that is Shanghai's skyline by night, complete with the occasional eruption of fireworks (the people of Shanghai clearly know how to celebrate with style).