Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Complete FAQ by HobbitKing) 12/1/04 Version 1.20- Added cheats for Gamecube and added Balrog's Gambit to fighting tactics section! (Email me for any other console codes) 4/1/04 Version 1.10- Improved the layout of the guide a lot. 3/1/04 Version 1.00- Full game FAQ (Note: Codes, Secrets and Bonus Levels will be up in Versions 1.20-30) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi my name is HobbitKing or James Shortland, thanks for choosing this FAQ for 'Lord of the rings:the return of the king', although this is for the Nintendo Gamecube version all the levels are the same so you can use this for any console. This guide covers all aspects of the game from the start to finish. I will be adding more fighting tactics in Version 1.30 so keep an eye out! Many more updates will be coming soon too, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments just email me at: disco_32@hotmail.com My guide is also available on the official site at: www.hobbitking.vze.com Version 1.30 will be the fighting updates! All the controls of how to use combos will be in there and also some tactics recently found by me. The secret levels section will be up in Version 1.30 Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1.Introduction 2.Begin Your Quest 3.Characters (Who should you use?) -Aragorn -Legolas -Gimli -Gandalf -Sam -Frodo 4.Fighting Tactics and Upgrades -Easy Combos -Advanced Combos -Good Upgrades -Fighting Tactics 4.1 Enemies ----------- 5.Level Guide -Tutorial:Helm's Deep 6.Path of the King -Paths of the Dead -King of the Dead -The Southern Gate -The Pelennor Fields -The Black Gate 7.Path of the Wizard -The Road to Isengard -Minas Tirith, Top of the Wall -Minas Tirith, Courtyard 8.Path of the Hobbits -Escape From Osgiliath -Shelob's Lair -Cirith Ungol -The Crack of Doom 9.Bonus Levels -Palantir of Saruman -Palantir of Sauron 10.Codes and Secrets 11.Secret Characters -Faramir -Pippin -Merry 12.Copyright Protection 13.Upcoming Guides ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. INTRODUCTION ============ In the third and final part of the Lord of the Rings saga the two hobbits, Frodo and Sam draw nearer to Mount Doom and Aragorn must realise his true destiny to protect the free people of Middle Earth. This guide is intended to provide a full guide to Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King. If you have trouble with killing some of the enemies you should refer to the Enemies section (4.1). 2. BEGIN YOUR QUEST ================ It's time to begin your quest to save Middle Earth, there are three paths to choose from. Path of the King is Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli's path to raise the army of the dead and destroy Sauron's army. Path of the Wizard takes Gandalf on his journey to break Saruman's tower at Isengard and meet up with Aragorn to defend Minas Tirith. Path of the Hobbits follows Frodo and Sam in the quest to destroy the ring and free Middle Earth from Sauron's evil minions. No matter which path you take you will be faced with hordes of enemy troops and puzzles to challenge even the most experienced gamer. 3. CHARACTERS (WHO SHOULD YOU USE?) ================================ Aragorn ------- Strong, fast and accurate; Aragorn is a good character to play as. The future king is great with a sword and bow, a great person to use for beginners. Legolas ------- The quick minded elven prince is great with a bow and excels at fast fighting. Legolas can easily despatch enemies over great distances with his bow, also good with his white knives he can hold his own in battle. Gimli ----- Gimli is the hot headed dwarven fighter accompanying Aragorn on his quest. Using his five axes he manages to wipe out swarms of Orcs, he is the best character to use in melee battle, however whilst powerful he sacrifices his speed and is quite slow in battle. Gandalf ------- Now the head of his kind the great wizard can vanquish many enemies with one spell. He uses his staff for powerful long range attacks and his sword for melee and close combat. Gandalf is another good person for beginners to use. Sam --- Frodo's only true friend on the road to Mordor, Sam is a ferocious warrior. Awarded with Sting, Sam has power enough to kill several Orcs in one swing, Sam is a good character to use for stealth missions and once trained he can become a powerful character. Frodo ----- The ringbearer is only available at the crack of doom but is a fast, deadly character. Although Frodo doesn't do much in the story he is the only hope for all of Middle Earth. 4. FIGHTING TACTICS AND UPGRADES ============================= Easy Combos ----------- The most useful combo earlier on in the game is definately 'Orc Hewer'. Orc Hewer can be used on any enemy, when using a hobbit it's great to use Orc Hewer on the larger Orcs or Uruk-Hai. Final Judgement is another easy to use combo, use this on tougher enemies or bosses. Balrog's Gambit is very effective for taking out large groups of enemies, quite hard to pull off but effective! Advanced Combos --------------- The 'Banes' are linked moves, they are quite hard to pull off but are very powerful. You must first parry an attack and then press R to kill the enemy. Shield Cleaver is a must have, it may be a little hard to administer but it can take down any shielded foe. Lightning Strike is in some people's opinions a bad move to use, I think it can be a lethal move to use in large crowds. Good Upgrades ------------- Arrow and magic upgrades are always good to have especially if you're playing as Legolas or Gandalf. These upgrades improve your long range attack in range and power. Strength of '.....' moves are another good ugrade to purchase. The first upgrade is called Strength of Stone and increases your health bar. All the special ability upgrades can change the flow of battle, you can use the special ability moves by pressing L and R together. Fighting Tactics ---------------- When fighting a large crowd of enemies try to stick to the edges, take out the people on the edges first with quick attacks and then use special moves or charged attacks to kill the troops in the middle. Ranged attacks are good to use for taking out enemy archers but with Legolas you could use your bow at point blanc range to instantly kill the attacker. If using Gandalf you should first activate your special shield ability and then charge your Y attack unharmed to wipe out large crowds. 4.1 ENEMIES ======= This section is to tell you the best ways of killing enemy troops from every level with speed and ease. Each enemy will have all the information needed to make sure you can defeat them. Bosses are in the level guide so I will not put them in here. Dead Soldier ------------ Found: Paths of the Dead, King of the Dead How to kill: Use speed attacks on them. Dead Spearman ------------- Found: Paths of the Dead, King of the Dead How to kill: Use fierce attacks to break the shield and then speed attack. Dead Captain ------------ Found: Paths of the Dead, King of the Dead How to kill: Use fierce attacks to break their armour and then use combos to kill them. Dead Archer ----------- Found: Paths of the Dead, King of the Dead How to kill: Shoot them with ranged attacks to easily kill them. Orc --- Found: All Paths How to kill: Use speed attacks to kill them. Orc Archer ---------- Found: All Paths How to kill: Shoot them with ranged attacks to easily kill them. Shielded Orc ------------ Found: All Paths How to kill: Break their shields with fierce attacks and kill with speed attacks. Uruk-Hai -------- Found: All Paths How to kill: Use speed attacks to kill them. Shielded Uruk-Hai ----------------- Found: All Paths How to kill: Break their shields with fierce attacks and kill with speed attacks. Cave Troll ---------- Found: Path of the King, Path of the Wizard How to kill: Stay back and shoot it with charged arrows, rush in sometimes and use fast combos to kill. Mumakil (Olephant) ------- ---------- Found: Path of the King How to kill: Shoot the armour off with ranged attacks and then shoot the main platform to blow it up. Easterling ---------- Found: Path of the King How to kill: Use speed attacks to kill them with combos too. Shielded Easterling ------------------- Found: Path of the King How to kill: Break their shields with fierce attacks and kill with speed attacks and combos. Orc Captain ----------- Found: All Paths How to kill: Use fierce attacks to break their armour and then use combos such as Orc Hewer to kill them. (If using a hobbit go to stealth mode L+R and press the R button behind the captain's back to kill him instantly) Easterling Captain ------------------ Found: Path of the King How to kill: Use fierce attacks to break their armour and then use combos such as Orc Hewer to kill them. Uruk-Hai Beserker ----------------- Found: Path of the King, Path of the Wizard How to kill: Stay back and shoot him with charged arrows, rush in sometimes and use fast combos to kill the beserker. 5. LEVEL GUIDE =========== Many people have trouble with this game as it is much more challenging then the first EA game 'Two Towers'. I have completed the game with all characters now and have written this level guide to give you a detailed step by step path through the game. The guide will start with Aragorn's path as it is the main one and then Gandalf's and the Hobbit's paths will follow. NOTE: Checkpoints will only occur on single player mode, co-op mode will have no checkpoints! Tutorial Level:Helm's Deep -------------------------- You get to play as Gandalf here at the turn of the tide at Helm's Deep. Prepare yourself for battle as soon as the cinematic is over as it can take you by suprise. All the buttons you'll need to press will be at the top of the screen so this isn't really that hard. You'll start out in a battle with lots of Uruk-Hai, Gimli will help you but you should just use quick attacks on all the Orcs. Any Uruks that dont die once on the floor should be killed with the R finisher. After a while you will hear Legolas call you for help on the wall, make your way towards the ladder on the wall and kill any shielded Uruk-Hai with strong attacks on the way. Climb up the ladder and you'll find Legolas and some men. Kill the archers on the wall with your L ranged attack (charge the attack for more power). Some Uruk-Hai will attack you now so kill them with strong and quick attacks, Aragorn will now call for your help on the ground. Follow Legolas down the rope by pressing Z and you will find Aragorn, make your way to the large catapult (ballista) and press Z by it. Run to the right and fire the second ballista, Uruk-Hai will keep trying to stop you so just kill them, the third ballista will blow up some explosives on the bridge and will win the mission, set the third one off. Well done! This was just a tutorial mission so the other missions will get more difficult. You can now choose to either carry on with Gandalf, start off with Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli or play as Sam. You will need to complete all the paths later on anyway so pick a path now. I would recommend Gandalf's path. 6. PATH OF THE KING ================ Paths of the Dead ----------------- Here it is, you have chosen the king's path. You may choose either Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli. No matter who you choose the other two friends will be with you controlled by the computer. Start running forward through the blue mist, this will only slow you down so you have to walk, you will soon see some misty spirits above you, dont worry these wont harm you. You will soon fight some dead army soldiers, use quick attacks to vanquish them, fighting these dead soldiers can be quite confusing because it can be hard to see when they are beaten; a blue flame will come from the enemy soldiers when they are killed. Keep going and you will come across a large stone slab blocking your way, enemies will come from this slab so spread out and kill them all. You can also use the war pikes to instantly kill the enemy. Once they are dead a potion will appear for you, carry on down the path and you'll go through more mist, kill the two troops that appear and carry on. You will now see a large bridge, shoot the archers on top, do not go under the bridge! Instead travel left up the path, kill the soldiers that attack and press on. Now you are on a long rock walkway, ignore the path to the left and carry on to the end of the path ahead of you. There is a large rock jutting out over the path below now so walk onto the rock and collect that elven runestone (this gives you experience points). Dead soldiers will now attack before you can go on...kill them! Run to the left and at the end of the path there will be a boulder, press Z by it and the spearmen below will be crushed (this is not necessary but it will make the level easier). Go back to where the walkway had the path on the left and go down it, some shielded spearmen will attack so wipe them out with fierce attacks (Y button). Continue on, there is some health on the way. Now you have reached a large drawbridge which is raised, you must cross it. Three archers will start to attack you, parry their arrows and shoot them all with your own bow. Turn the crank on the right to lower the bridge, before going over there is a potion on the far left if you need it. Cross the bridge. *CHECKPOINT* You will now be walking through that blue mist again, this next battle can be tricky if you dont use those combat tactics I taught you in chapter 4 of this guide. Stick to the edges of the crowd and let your companions take out some troops while you shoot those archers on the slope to the left. Then pick off some troops from the edges of the battle and then use combos to take out any tougher soldiers. Once the battle is over go up the slope and go to the ledge where the archers were before, take the potion and go back down. Carry on down the path slowly and you'll come to a room, pillars will fall down so you can take out the enemy one by one. Weave your way through the pillars and keep killing the troops however you want, kill the guards by the ladder and climb up it. Wait for your friends to climb up and then run forwards; battle time! Another one of those stone slabs will appear and troops will come at you. Kill them with speed and fierce attacks and eventually a captain will appear (the soldier with a life bar above his head). Use fierce attacks to take out his armour and then use the Orc Hewer combo to kill him. Carry on down the now clear path, there is a health potion on your left. You have reached a room with a gate and a giant statue. Kill the enemies that attack you and go to the statue, notice that blue circle...that means we can use it with Z; push the statue over and go over it (it's now like a bridge). Go to the left where there is a small pathway, go along it to the right hand side. There is a crank here to open the gate but a few captains will attack you, kill them with fierce attacks and then combos. Turn the crank to open the gate and go back down the path, troops will attack you now so kill them and continue on to the gate. Go through the gate and you will reach the main chamber of the level. Try not to die after all that or you will go back to the checkpoint. Go over the bridge and two slabs will block your way forward and back. Swarms of dead soldiers will attack you now, (check out the Enemies section at the start to see how to kill the troops). Some captains will attack aswell, fierce attacks, Orc Hewer. Once you have killed the amount needed on the counter at the top you can proceed onward to the next level. King of the Dead ---------------- BOSS: King of the Dead The King of the Dead will attack you as soon as you begin this level. Parry his first attacks and then smash him with some fierce attacks and Orc Hewers, he will sink into the ground sometimes so just keep alert and when he reappears shoot him if he is far away and then attack him again the same as before. After a bit more sinking he will appear on the far side of the arena, DO NOT GO AFTER HIM. He will summon four dead troops, kill these with charged range attacks and let them come to you for close combat. The King will now emerge by your feet, jump back and shoot him once, then rush in and show him you mean business. He now summons some archers on the far side , take them out with your ranged attacks. He will emerge by you again, fierce attack, combos, he will then go back under reappearing to the left by his statue. He will now attack you with storms of wind so hide behind those big rocks near him. Shoot him with a charged arrow after the first wind attack. Run back behind the rock (if that one is broken find another one), once the second storm is over shoot him again quickly. After three of these wind attacks he will attack with his sword again so do the same thing as before but parry more this time as he will be more vicious. He'll summon more of his soldiers now and then so kill them, then he'll go back to his statue...run behind a rock and shoot him until he gives up the ghost! After he's dead he will be very angry and will try to collapse the whole level on you. Now you will have to escape from the temple, going through every single room from the level before! It's easier than it seems, run back over the bridge and through the gate again. You will have to avoid falling rocks if you want to keep your health, just run around the rocks and if you see one falling pause just before it falls. Run over the statue-bridge and you will be in a fight, charge up an arrow to kill one soldier and then charge in with your combos and other attacks, kill the archers quickly with ranged attacks and proceed onwards. Run round this corridor avoiding rocks and run up the slope in the next room, go right and another slab will block the way. Kill all the enemies in this battle and pick up any potions dropped. Run through the path where the slab was and keep running until you find a blue mist, you must now walk slowly through it until you reach the other side avoiding rocks also. You now reach a third slab and your companions are here too! Let your friends take out some troops and you can attack the edges as this is a large crowd of troops. Try to keep to the left of the screen near the slab otherwise after the battle you may run the wrong way and die! Kill all the troops here and take out the captains. Run through the doorway fast and you have completed the level! The Southern Gate ----------------- This level may prove difficult as it took me six tries to complete. Run forwards at the start and a cave troll will jump down from the wall and attack, run back to the start of the bridge, there is a war pike there so throw it at the troll and it will die. You will now be faced with a major battle situation, hordes of Orcs and Uruk-Hai will attack now. Let your companions guard you and you can make your way to the left of the field. You will see two catapults, fire the first one and then the other, the tower you shot has actually fallen down to create a bridge over the moat into the gate. Run to the far right of the level until you reach another catapult, fire it and a troll will lose some health. Remember to check out the Enemies section for tips on how to kill these troops here. Run over to the tower you destroyed and climb over the bridge, dont wait for your friends, just climb up the ladder in the tower. Once at the top wait for your companions and go to the left. Kill the enemy Uruks with charged arrows and kill the troll the same way, stay behind that low wall though so that the troll cannot get you. Now run up the steps onto the main gate and take out any enemies there. This part can be hard! A mumakil (or Olephant) a giant elephant type creature will appear. You will need to shoot arrows at the armour on the mumakil in order to weaken it, once the armour is destroyed shoot the mumak again until it explodes. Parry all the arrows fired from the mumuk and deal with any Uruks that attack you. Once the mumuk is dead run over to the crank you must use, DONT USE IT YET! Kill ALL the troops that attack you on the wall and then crank the gate open. You will see a cutscene now with the gate opening, go to those cauldrons of boiling tar and use both of them twice, all the troops below will be dead now. Run back to the ladder in the tower and climb down. Ignore all the troops and run straight over the bridge to complete the level. The Pelennor Fields ------------------- This is one hard level to complete usually. There is a counter in the top right corner, you must kill 60 enemies before moving on. Easterlings (the men in gold armour) and Uruk-Hai will attack you here so be alert. Stick to the edges of the fight and only kill enemies close up that attack you. Most enemies should be killed with charged ranged attacks or hit and run combos. Banes could even be used here to take out the Easterlings. If you get surrounded keep parrying or use your X move to clear a way out. Stick close to your companions and soon you'll defeat the enemy. A cutscene takes place with Merry and Eowyn running into battle. You now start on a cliff overlooking the battlefield. *CHECKPOINT* You must now stop the mumakil from reaching Merry and Eowyn. Dont waste the ballistae unless you absolutely have no arrows left, use the same tactics as before to kill the mumakil. Now you must run to the cliff on the opposite side of the battlefield to kill the second mumak. Look for the flag in between the ballistae, there will be a hidden slope behind the flag, run down this slope and across the field. Do not even try to attack the enemy, just run across to the other slope to reach the second cliff. Now take out the second mumakil with arrows, again, dont waste the ballistae. Some troops will attack you up here so kill them. You will now see a cutscene of the Witch King attacking Merry and Eowyn. Stay on your clifftop and run to the far left hand side, you should be able to see the Witch King on his Nazgul, shoot the Nazgul with arrows (charged if possible) and it will fly away. Kill any attacking troops and you will see another mumakil, see which cliff it is nearest and run to that clifftop. Kill the mumak and run back to the Witch King, shoot him again until he flies off. Keep going back and forth between mumaks and the Witch King and eventually you will kill him and complete this level. Remember to keep track of Merry and Eowyn's health bar and dont let it drain out. The Black Gate -------------- Here you are, the biggest battle in the game, this is probably the hardest level in this path. The general idea here is to keep your teammates alive by looking at their health bars and if one bar goes into yellow run over to them and stand by them to heal your friend. You can play as Gandalf in this level aswell as any player from Path of the King. But first you must defeat a boss. BOSS: The Mouth of Sauron This is Sauron's messanger, a cloaked figure rather like the ringwraiths. He is really easy to kill, you cant block his attacks but you can jump backwards. Just keep using Orc Hewer or any fast combo on him to quickly and easily despatch him. Quick attacks can also stop him from attacking you for the whole fight. *CHECKPOINT* After the next cutscene you will see a counter in the top corner, you must defeat six captains (health bar people) to proceed onwards. All enemies will come from the top part of the level. The level is set out like a cross, this is where the characters will be found when playing with certain people. Gi=Gimli L=Legolas A=Aragorn Ga=Gandalf Playing as Gimli _____ | | __| |__ | Ga A | |__ __| | L | |_____| Playing as Legolas _____ | | __| |__ | Ga A | |__ __| | Gi | |_____| Playing as Aragorn _____ | | __| |__ | L Ga | |__ __| | Gi | |_____| Playing as Gandalf _____ | | __| |__ | L A | |__ __| | Gi | |_____| Keep killing any enemies and healing your friends until a captain arrives on the battlefield. Kill the captain by looking at the Enemies section. Keep doing this until you have killed all six captains, the captains will usually attack one of your friends so use this as a distraction with which you can charge up a Y attack to break the captain's armour. Heal your friends contantly, if any of them die you will lose the level. After three of the captains die you will be attacked from all side of the level so keep your eyes open and remember to heal friends especially on the left side as some archers appear there. Once all six captains are dead you will have to fight a boss. *CHECKPOINT* BOSS: Sauron's Ringwraiths (Three) DO NOT EVEN TRY TO USE CLOSE COMBAT! If you attack up close you will be slaughtered, I guarantee it. Use the war pikes on the wraiths to hurt them and also with Gandalf, Legolas or Aragorn you should get a good arrow upgrade as firing these powerful arrows at the wraiths can kill them in five or six shots. Heal your companions if they are harmed by wraiths and keep shooting the wraiths with everything you have! Once all three are dead you will complete the mission and the Path of the King. Well Done! The hobbits are the only ones who can save Middle Earth however. 7. PATH OF THE WIZARD ================== The Road to Isengard -------------------- This path is a good choice, it's rather easy to complete and you get to use Gandalf! You will be on your own however apart from Gondor soldiers, your power will make up for the lack of help though. You can only choose Gandalf for this path. In this level you must reach Isengard to vanquish Saruman's armies forever. You start off in Fangorn Forest near Isengard, ignore those Uruks that are running away and run forwards. You will be attacked by two Uruk-Hai, parry their attacks and then kill them with speed attacks. Carry on and you'll see a short cutscene, kill the two Uruks and then take out the archer in the tree above, go forwards. You'll see an explosive cart now, blow it up with arrows and shoot the archer on the hill. Now there is a fork in the path, and a bridge to the left. Shoot all the explosives you can see and kill the archers on the bridge. Now you have a choice, go along the bridge or go right for more experience points, I usually take the extra experience. Fight off any enemies and you will arrive on the scene of three massive Ents stomping over loads of Orcs and Uruk-Hai. *CHECKPOINT* Run down the path to the left and kill the Orcs coming at you, continue down to the ground. There is now a counter at the top of the screen, kill 75 enemies, (any Orcs killed by the Ents count as killed). The best way to kill the Orcs is to run into the middle of the area and shoot or attack any soldiers that come to you. After a while a cutscene will happen, go through the hole that the Ent made. Continue along until you see the tower of Orthanc. *CHECKPOINT* Shoot the nearby explosives cart and then you will see several towers in the distance, they will shoot arrows at you so parry them, there are explosives carts by each tower, shoot these carts out to destroy the towers. When all the towers are destoyed go across the bridge, take out the two shielded Uruks (look at section 4.1) and continue across. Go left for an elven runestone (experience) and kill any troops that attack. Travel to the right of the screen killing enemy troops on the way, kill the archers on the small hill and continue down the pathway on the right. Keep going along the path and go down the slope, you will now see an Ent being shot at by archers. There is an Uruk-Hai Beserker down the bottom, stay back and shoot it with charged arrows and rush in with some combos. Now kill the archers on your side and the very far side, the Ent will now begin to break down the dam. The Ent cannot die so dont worry, just keep defending it from the archers and kill any enemies that attack you. Eventually the dam will be broken down and the level is completed. Minas Tirith, Top of the Wall ----------------------------- This level can be very tricky, it took me 8 tries to complete. I have a great way to navigate this stage. X=Catapult H=Health S=Start Point \=Ladder Points #=Siege Towers _____\_#_#__\__ ____\___\_#_#__ | | | | |__________ |\ \| __________| _____| |___\__| |_____ | X | S | H | |____________________________| Gandalf starts off on the 'S' symbol on this map, the places where ladders come up are marked with a '\'. Siege towers are marked by '#'. All you have to do for this level is look at the minimap on your screen (much like the map here) and when a small red dot appears on a wall go straight there and use the X move to kick the ladder down. You can also slide down the grappling hook ropes (like on Helm's Deep) to avoid enemies and travel around faster. Remember to kill lots of Orcs to bring down the number of attackers. If the bar on the top right gets to red you have basically lost the stage because too many Orcs or ladders got on your walls. Dont get too caught up in fighting Orcs, get the ladders down! Soon a cutscene will show some siege towers coming towards you. Run straight to the tower on my map with the X symbol, this is a catapult and you can use it by pressing Z in the blue circle. Fire it twice at the siege tower and then run straight back down to the walls and to the right hand wall on my map, the # symbol is where the next tower is coming, kick down ladders on the way. When you get to the other siege tower point charge up your ranged attack and keep firing at the tower, eventually it will collapse. If you need health go up to the tower marked with H, but go quickly because there is another tower coming in the same place as the first one. Go back up to the catapult and fire it once at the siege tower. Shoot the Nazgul that flies above you, then fire the catapult again. Run down the stairs again. Now a tower will dock on your right wall, you cant stop it. Use the walkway under the walls (by swinging down the ropes) to get to the far right, climb back up and run to the siege tower. Dont attack the center of the Orc horde, use the tactics to pick off the ones on the edge. At the same time you must try to fire at the docked tower to crush it. A cutscene shows the main gate being broken down, when you have control again you must run towards the tower marked H but you will see some steps going down (two guards were blocking this way before) go down these steps following all the soldiers. Keep going and you will win this stage. Minas Tirith, Courtyard ----------------------- This level is great! You can get lots of experience points here, you must keep killing Orcs, Trolls, Archers, Captains untill 200 citizens have escaped, you have a counter at the top. Dont bother defending the entry point for citizens by the main gate just defend the one directly to the right of where you start, also make sure no Orcs stay by the small door where you begin. The war pikes should be saved for later on, we'll come back to that. If some archers appear at the far end by the gate shoot them all with your magic staff. Health packs can be found in various barrels around the stage so explore. When a captain arrives use the tactic, fierce attack, Orc Hewer or combo. You'll see a cutscene now with three trolls entering the courtyard, its time for those war pikes! Aim the pikes at each troll and fire, when they are all dead some more may enter, kill them too. Keep killing enemies untill you get 200 citizens rescued. Well Done! 8. PATH OF THE HOBBITS =================== Escape From Osgiliath --------------------- You will start with Frodo and Gollum, go through the archway and kill the Orc that attacks you. Go through the next arch and you will be at the bottom of some steps, shoot the archer at the top and go up the stairs. Kill the Orcs with charged ranged attacks and continue forward until the wall explodes, get back! Go through the wall and kill the two Orcs that attack. Run up the ramp and a Nazgul appears. A meter will now appear on your screen, if the meter is filled and goes red you will die, you can make the meter go down by hiding under any form of shelter (Sam must get under cover, not Frodo). Run over to the shelter by the stairs, kill the two Orcs. Run up the steps and kill the two archers, now you must ignore all the orcs up here and run to the door at the other side. Once you have made it to the shelter on the other side climb down the ladder and you will see two Orcs. Either kick the two Orcs off the edge or kill them, climb down the next ladder. There will now be a battle, shoot some Orcs and then rush in with quick attacks. Run up the stairs and kill the archers on the ramp with ranged attacks. Climb up the ramp where the archers were and kill any enemies on the balcony. There is a green health potion here, get it if you need to and go out the opening in the wall. *CHECKPOINT* Climb up the ladder and beware of the Nazgul at the top. Run across the roof and get to the bridge, whilst ignoring any enemies you can. Run along the bridge and run past the Orcs here (if your Nazgul meter is low you can just kill these Orcs but do not hang about for too long!). Get under the cover (towards the screen) and take out any archers you can see with charged ranged attacks. Make sure the Nazgul bar has gone down completely and then make a run across the rooftop and kill any Orcs along the way, go to the opening in the floor, get the potion and go down the ladder. Kill the enemies at the bottom and run up the stairs, make sure to kill the Orcs along the way. There is a giant bell up here...push the bell with the Z (action) button and watch it kill all those Orcs! Run down the way which the bell went and go out into the open (the Nazgul cant get you in this lowered platform so just take your time to kill any Orcs with charged ranged attacks. Go up the steps and quickly run across this rooftop, there will be a very small bit of cover up here, get under it until your meter drains. Get the health here and go to the next area, kill most of the enemies here, making sure to go back for cover when your meter goes up. Run across this roof and get under the archway, shoot some archers and run out again. Get to the large tower on the other side by any means possible (or run past all the Orcs). Once under the tower kill any Orcs near you and go down the ladder (it is near the left side of the gaping hole). You will see some Orcs here, ignore them and climb down the next ladder, you will now find yourself in a sewer! Run down the pathway and kill the Orcs that attack you, keep running and you will see four archers and an Orc Champion (check the enemies section for the way to kill him). Kill his archers at the same time and then turn the crank for the gate until it opens. Go through the gate. Well Done! Level over! Shelob's Lair ------------- This level is the most confusing level in the whole game! It may take you a few tries to complete it but it will be worth it. The level is basically a giant maze with spiders at every turn. You will sometimes find some dead ends with elven runestones in them. Avoid these dead ends unless you are really desperate for experience because you will be attacked by five or six spiders, these will be really hard to kill as each spider will stop you from even getting a hit in on any of them. If you see any black swarms (baby spiders) avoid them or throw a torch at them. Since there are about four possible ways out of this maze I cant give you an accurate guide to this level, I would begin by going right, keep going and you should see a dead end, ignore it and keep going forwards and turn right at every turn. You should soon see a green potion, get it and turn around, go forwards and then go right at the corner and then left, this should now be the exit of the maze, go through it. Some tiny baby spiders block your way here, throw a torch at them and proceed. When you see three spiders guarding a giant web kill the spiders carefully, knock them over with fierce attacks and then use R to finish them off. Throw a torch at the web and go through, now you will see some Orcs around a campfire. You now have two choices, you can either throw torches at the webbed bodies above the Orcs to kill them all or you can sneak around the side of them with your L+R stealth ability. Exit the camp area and follow the corridor through, soon you should see lots of baby spiders (I cannot be sure of this section of the guide as this is the part which Robert Dimmock helped with, I think this is in the right order. If not just email me). Throw torches at the right hand spiders to reach a cliff. Throw the torch here at the webbed door and go back the way you came. Throw torches at the spiders ahead of you and go to the door, kill the spiders here and go through. You should now be at a clifftop area, go up to the cliff and push the boulder off the edge at the Orcs below. Kill the spiders on the way back down and go to where the Orcs were. Go through the door and you should reach a checkpoint before Shelob. *CHECKPOINT* BOSS: Shelob You will find yourself in a large rock area, this is Shelob's Lair! You will see her webbing up Frodo. She wont notice you until you attack her. Charge up one of your ranged knives and let it loose at Shelob. The battle begins! Parry her attacks and then smack her face in with some Orc Hewers. This will carry on for a while, keep blocking and Orc Hewering her. Eventually you will see a cutscene of Sam stabbing Sting into Shelob's head (this is a bit ironic for anyone who's read 'The Hobbit' as Bilbo used Sting to kill loads of spiders before, he named Sting the spider's bane). Shelob will climb onto the wall now, don't chase her stay where you are. She'll send out loads of spiders at you, you can either kill them the usual way or you can kill Shelob the crazy way I used. To use the crazy way go near where Shelob is and throw some knives at her, she'll jump off the wall at you, try to jump back but you will probably get hurt. Get up and stab the hell out of her! Use Orc Hewer aswell. Repeat this or you can kill the spiders, when her health is down to half you'll see another cutscene. You will slash off one of Shelob's legs this time. She'll now charge around the arena going crazy, do not get in her way! Wait 'till she gets back on the wall and repeat the strategy before about twice more, now you can finish her off with a charged Y attack or a nice Orc Hewer. Well Done! Cirith Ungol ------------ You've made it to Cirith Ungol! One of Sauron's main strongholds, and you have to get inside to rescue Frodo! The main objective here is to kill 80 Orcs in total (including captains). In the first room get the Orcs to come over near the brazier (flaming pot) and push it over. Then go near the crank and press L+R to avoid the captain, turn the crank. Now, kill the captain using the enemies section. Go up the ramp, killing the two Orcs that come down. Keep going along the path and kill any Orcs you see here. There are two more Orcs in the hall above, kill the next captain here too. Go to the next room, throw the pikes at the 2 Orcs below you and kill the other Orc on the balcony. Go down the stairs and push the brazier over, then the next brazier further along. Go to the right and use this other brazier. Make sure you kill all the Orcs if the braziers dont work. In this room just kill as many Orcs as you can and keep using Orc Hewer.Don't go into the other big room full of orcs, you shouldn't have to. Just clear out this main room of Orcs. Go up the ramp and climb up the ladder. Push the barrels with Z down on the Orcs, you should now have 80 killed. Go across the small bridge and the Orcs will run away. You will now see loads of Orcs on the drawbridge. Go up the stairs to the right to and kill the Orc captain. Fire the ballista with Z and all the Orcs on the drawbridge will die. Run across the drawbridge fast as it will collapse behind you. Go through the gate. Boss: Orc Champion You will now have a battle with the Orc guarding Frodo. You must first use the pikes around the room to break the Orc's armour and then throw another pike to stun him, when he is stunned run up to him and use Orc Hewer a couple of times. Repeat this untill he is defeated, make sure to parry his spear attacks. Frodo is now rescued and you will see an Orc run off with Frodo's mithril armour. You completed this level. The Crack of Doom ----------------- This is the last level of the whole game, you have finally reached Mount Doom and you must cast the ring into the crack of doom to destroy Sauron forever. But there is one problem...Gollum wants the precious back! In this level you play as Frodo, you have sting back and you have to kill Gollum. First, dont try to just attack him because he will lash out and hurt you. Stand near the edges of the cliff (you wont fall off) and lure Gollum over to you, when he is about to jump at you move aside and smack him with your sword. He will begin to lose his balance now, use your fierce attack a couple of times to knock him off, he will grab on to the edge, use R to stab his hands and knock him off. He's not dead yet though, he will climb back up to the platform, you must repeat this process 4 or 5 times more to kill him. On the third time some lava will fall onto the rock so avoid it, also rocks will fall down so avoid them too. On the fourth time a large slab of rock will fall off to reduce the playing area. On the fifth time Gollum will fall off and you will be shown a cinematic of the end of the story 'Lord of the Rings'. Well Done for completing the game! You have now unlocked the cheats and also three new characters! I have made sections on these to help you with them. If you need any more help with any level just email me on: disco_32@hotmail.com. 9. BONUS LEVELS ============ The bonus levels section will be up on Version 1.30 (the next update). Palantir of Saruman ------------------- Palantir of Sauron ------------------ 10. CODES AND SECRETS ================= You must complete the game once (not palantirs) to use the following codes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get All Upgrades After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Up, Down, Y, B Be Invincible After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press B, X, B, Up Devastating After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Y, Up, Y, Down Unlimited Missiles After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press B, B, Down, X Max Health After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press B, B, X, X Get Target Indicator After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Down, X, Up, B Get Aragon's 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Up, B, Y, Down Get Frodo's 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Down, B, Down, X Get Gandalf's 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Down, Y, Up, X Get Gimli's 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Y, B, Up, A Get Faramir's 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press A, B, Up, A Get Lagalos' 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press B, Up, Up, Down Get Merry's 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Y, A, B, B Get Pippin's 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press A, A, Down, X Get Sam's 4 Hit Combo After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Up, Down, Y, Y Get Aragon's Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Up, B, Y, Up Get Frodo's Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press X, X, Down, Down Get Gandalf's Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press X, B, Down, Down Get Gimli's Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press X, B, Down, Down Get Faramir's Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press X, Down, Down, Down Get Lagalos' Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press B, Up, Up, Down Get Merry's Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press Down, Y, A, B Get Pippin's Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press B, Up, Up, X Get Sam's Level 8 Skills After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press X, X, Y, Y Get Perfect Mode After Pausing the game HOLD L + R and press X, Down, Y, A These codes can be used without completing the game: ---------------------------------------------------- After pausing the game Hold L + R and press the following Up, B, Y, A. 1000 Experience for Aragorn Down, Y, Up, Down. 1000 Experience for Frodo B, Y, Up, Down 1000 Experience for Gandalf X, X, Y, A 1000 Experience for Gimli A, Y, Up, A 1000 Experience for Legolas Y, A, Down, A 1000 Experience for Sam 11. SECRET CHARACTERS ================= Faramir ------- Faramir is Denethor's second son, he has never won his father's approval though and fights only for the freedom of his people. He is a great warrior good with the sword and bow. Although much like Aragorn, Faramir is slightly slower than Aragorn but he has really good looking moves, he can easily wipe out hordes of foes at once. Pippin ------ Pippin is a great warrior of Gondor, he is more powerful than Frodo and Sam, he is skilled with the sword and with his hobbit knives. Pippin also has the ability to turn invisible with his cloak. Still a hobbit though Pippin can easily be overwhelmed by large groups of Orcs. Merry ----- Merry is nearly the same as Pippin, except he is less powerful, Merry is now a warrior of Rohan, he is also skilled with his weapons. Merry can be seen carrying the wooden shield of Rohan on his back, he dresses in Rohan armour with his hobbit cloak. 12. COPYRIGHT PROTECTION ==================== This guide was written and designed by James Shortland (HobbitKing). All tactics, maps, diagrams and ideas are owned by the author, if you wish to use any material from this guide you must first contact me on: disco_32@hotmail.com All game content, story and names are solely owned by EA Games and any other affiliated companies. The Lord of the Rings Return of the King story is owned and written by J.R.R Tolkien and all movie content belongs to New Line Cinema. Thanks go out to EA Games for providing a great forum which has inspired many of my ideas, also thanks to Nintendo for creating the Gamecube version of this game. Thanks also to Robert Dimmock for helping and advising me to complete the game. All cheat codes are taken from the game and all other cheats and codes are taken from www.cheatplanet.com. Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com for putting this guide on their site and allowing me to provide a good faq to gamers. Any questions, comments and suggestions once again may be sent to me at: disco_32@hotmail.com Copyright 2004 James Shortland 13. UPCOMING GUIDES =============== Thank You for using this guide, I hope you've enjoyed it and found it helpful. Here are some other guides currently being written by me: *Need For Speed Underground-The A-Z of Custom Car Tips *Lord of the Rings: A Guide to Middle Earth-The Fellowship of the Ring =========================================================================== *MORE GUIDES COMING SOON! LOOK OUT FOR James Shortland (HobbitKing) GUIDES* ===========================================================================</p>