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Get a half price Sony 49-inch 4K Bravia TV from Walmart for only $439 and seriously upgrade your gaming set up

half price Sony 49-inch 4K Bravia TV
(Image credit: Sony)

A half price 4K 49-inch Sony Bravia TV is about as good as the deals get this Amazon Prime Day. Okay, it's at Walmart but are you going to let that stop you saving $459 on nearly 50 inches of 4K screen goodness? 

Sony 49" BRAVIA 4K TV $439.00 | save $459. That's a great deal on a 4K HDR TV with built in Sony Android TV to access things like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, streaming services and more. View Deal

For a great price you'll get a great 4K HDR picture on a not insubstantial 49 inch screen. That includes things like the 4K X-Reality PRO to upscale all image to a near 4K quality, while a 4K HDR Processor X1 boosts non-HDR content as well and brings it to almost HDR quality. All on a TRILUMINOS display with five times the dynamic range. 

As well as that picture quality you also get Sony’s Android TV to access apps like  Google Cast, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, while being able to voice-control functions like changing the channel or volume. And obviously all the streaming services you can eat. So things like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Pandora and all the rest. You'll even be able to access Google Play and play Android games on the big screen.

You'll have to add the TV to your cart to be able to see the saving but it's there and a massive bargain on a big, quality TV. 

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