Championship Manager review

Miniature Mourinhos and bite-size Ballacks&

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Whatever your thoughts on the whole Footy Manager/Championship Manager fisticuffs, there’s no denying Champ Man PSP is a true miniature marvel. All the leagues are there, all the players are there, and – frankly – it’s incredible that something this mind-bogglingly comprehensive has all been squeezed right down into just a few inches of circuitry.

Unfortunately, while it’s fairly simple to construct a solid defensive line, we seemed as toothless as Sunderland in front of goal.

No matter what team we faced, tactics or mentality we used – even gung ho – we tended to dominate possession while lacking a killer instinct. And games without goals equals a major lack of fun. There are also a few odd bugs. Having brokered a deal to sign Robin Van Persie in a swap deal for Morientes plus £6 mil, we were informed the transfer had collapsed owing to a lack of funds at Arsenal’s end! Go figure…

Still, the potential is certainly there for something special. If the next instalment can learn to relax a bit, maybe we can all have some real fun.

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DescriptionThe console versions will include all the transfers that took place during the recent transfer window so all the squads will be completely up to date
Franchise nameChampionship Manager
UK franchise nameChampionship Manager
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)