Capcom celebrates Resident Evil 6 by, er... opening a restaurant? Food is alternately exciting and disgusting

So you've just announced the latest entry in one of your two biggest franchises. The trailer is a barn-stormer and everyone is excited. Life is great. You want to splash out. So you do the obvious thing that a multinational Japanese game publisher does. You open a restaurant and start peddling edible brains.

That's what the house of Resi did this week. Yep, the Capcom Bar now exists in Shinjuku Tokyo, and its cool-but-possibly-sick-inducing-after-you've-been-in-there-for-a-while cobalt lighting scheme belies a multitude of genius (and occasionally horrible-looking) game-themed dishes. Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter and the Sengoku Basara (or Devil Kings) series are all represented with a plethora of imaginative conceptual touches. Some of which might even be so imaginatively conceptual as to make you do a little dry wretch. But that just proves that they're entirely successful as far as I'm concerned.

From the Resi camp, for example, you could have a brain-cake dessert:

Or how about 'Tofu Mode', if you're desperate to know what a Resident Evil 2 side-game tastes like:

In terms of Phoenix Wright, you could have - amongst other things - a stack of onion rings with a croquet and chip gavel:

Fancy something more Monster Huntery? How about an Airu Village mushroom and clam chowder?

Or maybe the truly horrific-looking leg of some manner of beastie. Probably a monster. That has been successfully hunted:

Want more of this culinary Capcomian madness? Of course you do. Click over to the restaurant's site for the full menu. And yes, they do have a Resident Evil herb salad.

And some sodding beautiful cocktails.

David Houghton
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