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Can you play videogames for 48 hours straight?

We like to think that we suffer for you. So throughout all the globe-trotting press junkets, free lunches, gratis rounds of expensive fizzy cocktails in trendy bars and ceaseless freebies and perks, rest assured that we never once shed a tear at the life-sapping exhaustion of it all. Oh, how we suffer for you.

Sometimes, though, our callings in the name of videogame journalism are less salubrious, and more borne out of "What if...?" leaps of curiosity. Such is the case with Graham Smith, writer with PC Gamer UK and brave adventurer into the hinterlands of gaming culture, as he attempts to go a whole 48 hours of gaming without any shut-eye. Whatsoever.

Above: "This is what being awake looks like," explains Graham, a mere six hours in

Clearly attuned to opportunities for schaedenfraude-inspired mirth, PC Gamer UK has got Grahamlive-blogging(and webcam-recording) the entire sorry debacle. And by heading over toPC Gamer UK's official website, you can verbally poke, prod or otherwise interact with Graham as he battles through to the finish line.

The experiment has only just kicked off, in fact, so get over there right now and make yourself heard. After all, once he's been gaming for 48 hours it's unlikely that Graham will even be able to read, let alone make sense of his own poor sleep-starved brain in order to reply. Enjoy!