Buzz Uncut: Daywatch

“There were several things that were created to increase the value and the scope of the movie: the CG and great acting. We had very good Russian actors and we had the possibility to make great CG-shots in Daywatch, because it was our post-production house and CG studio. We created a community and we invited different talented professionals to work with us.

“Because we were the first big project in Russia, money wasn’t an issue for us. On /Wanted/ it’s obviously much more and more difficult. At that time it wasn’t about money, it wasn’t about the profit. Everybody was in it for the innovations. And I was a producer on the movie, so I decided myself how to spend money, how to put money on the screen and not behind the screen. We were very, very careful when we made decisions how to produce this movie.”

How did the success of Nightwatch influence you?
“It gave new possibilities to make more movies, different movies, and opened a lot of doors. It was very good – first and foremost, what’s most important for me, was I met a lot of interesting people. Musicians, directors, producers and everything happened because of the movie’s success. I have a chance to meet them and talk to them, to learn something interesting.”

Did you make Daywatch with an international audience in mind?
“Daywatch was different from Nightwatch because we were in the position where we understood that the international audience accepted and enjoyed our work and movie, but still we were trying to make the movie for Russian people because it gives us the courage and energy. It’s very important for all filmmakers just to make a movie for your audience, for your people, who you like and have a relationship with.”

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