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Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz review

Prove your movie knowledge once and for all with this trivia-focused party game


  • Eight players
  • if you've got the buzzers
  • More than 5000 questions
  • Rapid-fire questions mode


  • Regular modes take forever
  • Just isn't that funny
  • Only comes with four buzzers

We here at GamesRadar believe that Rock Band is the finest multiplayer game on the planet. However, Buzz! Hollwood Quiz might very well be the best party game on the planet. It's instantly understandable. It supports a whopping eight players. There are 5000 questions, which should last you awhile. The subject matter is movies - possibly the most accessible subject on Earth - and the controllers have exactly five huge buttons, each of which is a different color to correspond with the possible answers onscreen. There simply does not exist a game with broader appeal, and there arevery few that are easier to play.

It's also really fun, at least with a crowd. For one or two players, it might drag, but with a group of four or more, it's a blast.The main gameplay modes are still presented like a really slow-moving game show, with a tragically unfunny host and spokesmodel-cheerful hostess guiding your goofy-looking character (Elvis impersonator, Bride of Frankenstein, Rambo look-alike, etc)through various challenges. Sometimes you'll select true or false, sometimes you'll rank things in alphabetical or chronological order, sometimes it's a race to see who can identify a picture or just pick the right answer. And once in awhile you get to throw a pie at someone.

We have to say, we have no patience for the game show trappings, which are cutefor exactly ten minutes and become increasingly annoyingevery moment thereafter.They just slow things down too much. It bugged us with theprevious game (Buzz! The Mega Quiz), and it bugs us now.However, there's also a rapid-fire, "Quickfire Quiz" mode that simply machine-guns 10 to 100 questions at you. Much better!

We're sure someone works very hard on this guy, but the less we see of him, the better.

Quickfire Quiz mode is the main reason we've rated Hollywood Quiz a point higher than its predecessor. Another is the QuizMaster mode, which tags one person as the boss andenables that personto askhis or her own questions. There's also EyeToy support so it can snap a picture of your slack-jawed face when you fail a question, but we're not terribly interested in that bit.

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is about the furthest thing from a hardcore game (though it's very, very similar to Xbox 360's Scene It!), but it's nonetheless a great purchase for those who like a good casual contest now and then. If you like, you can even try it out for free - sort of. Head over to, and click on "Play Quiz". You'll get a quick, fancy controller-less taste of what Buzz has to offer. Speaking of which, Buzzonly comes with four controllers, so you'll need to buy another game from the fine Buzz lineup (there are currently four in the series in the US) to get another set of four "buzzers". But if you like keeping a roomful of people shouting at the TV, it's not a bad investment at all.

More Info

DescriptionBuzz! Travels to Hollywood armed with 5000 new movie and celebrity related questions.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date11 March 2008 (US), 19 October 2007 (UK)