Burnout Revenge screens pile-up

Burnout Revenge, the upcoming arcade-style fender-bender from Electronic Arts has revealed yet more of its new range of explosive Takedowns and vertical vehicular carnage in the Revenge and Traffic Attack modes.

As the fourth instalment of the adrenal gland tapping series and the second game since developers Criterion set up camp with EA, this incarnation includes the traditional mix of stomach churning head-to-head racing and suicidal bonnet-to-bonnet impacts.

But as you cast your eyes across this jam of Xbox and PS2 screens you will also see the new Traffic Attack option in full effect.

In this innovative option not only are you lapping against rivals but you are also crashing against other innocent drivers for points, extended time and your own psychotic satisfaction.

Burnout Legends will start to roll in the autumn on PS2 and Xbox