Burnout Paradise

Dec 19, 2007

There’s much more to the latest Burnout than the opportunity to use a classic Guns N’ Roses anthem. The open, sprawling tarmac of Paradise City is, as the name suggests, a paradise for Burnout. Rather than the restrictions of replicating a real metropolis, the world before us has been created specifically for the purpose of eye-blistering speed, obscene jumps, lurid powerslides and devastating vehicular carnage.

Creating an open world to explore with no linear career path and seamless gameplay (more on that later), yet maintaining the 60 fps that gave Burnout its reputation was a challenge that developers Criterion were eager to take on. Consequently, Burnout Paradise has been built from scratch to make this their first true next-gen title. That’s not to say it doesn’t stick to the ethos of past games - just think of it as Burnout unleashed, with more freedom to do all the things that makes Burnout so great and do it more than ever before…