Burnout Dominator - updated hands-on

There's been a lotballyhooed about concerning Sony's languishing portable and its current dry spell of games (Hell, we even took a shot), but don't tell the developers at Criterion Games.Believe us when we say that even the analog nub works unbelievably well. And if Dominator is any indication, there's not a lot thePS2 can dothat its little brother can't. Visually the two looksimilar enough,and they play almost exactly the same.But the PSP has some other tricks up its proverbial sleeve that to help it stand on its own.

Does anybody even play splitscreen anymore? Well you won't have to cut your screen in twixt,because unlike its console bretherin, the PSP is capable of supporting up to six players via an Ad-Hoc connection. And the addition of Scoresync, the spankin' new Wi-fi leaderboard, may even leave the PS2 version jealous, nay, embarassed.

Burnout Dominator's March release is justbeyond the horizon. We should have a review up for you in the coming weeks, so until then check out the cherry pics and flix by clicking the Images and/or Movies tab.