Burning Need for Speed pics

Tuesday 24 October 2006
Need for Speed Carbon is streaking to Xbox 360 next month - and PS3 next year - and so we've hauled out a gridful of images that show off the next-gen speedster's gleaming visuals and super-sharp supercars in action.

With the game's 'crew' add-on, where you can call in a member of your growing underground clique to disrupt rivals or help your racing, Carbon at least steps away from the pattern of previous games. And the new canyon racing is also a neat addition, offering one-on-one sprints that get more personal than the occasionally repetitive circuit challenges.

We'll be fuelling up the review machine for Need for Speed Carbon's MOT in a few weeks but, in the meantime, these screens will give you an idea of the visual flair that this next-gen update brings to the street racing series.