Bungie cancels Destiny Trials of Osiris event, delays Iron Banner indefinitely

Hang up that Elulim's Frenzy, Guardians of Destiny. There will be no Trials of Osiris event this weekend due to a glitch which let players earn unlimited rockets. Unfortunately, this also means that the more regular Iron Banner event will also be indefinitely delayed, until Bungie can fix the problem.

"When we learned that some Guardians had discovered a way to earn unlimited rockets, we knew it was time for a bug hunt," the studio wrote in its weekly update. "Rather than punish players for playing the game in a way we didn’t predict, we’ve been waging an investigation into our code. These things happen, so please don’t panic. We’re on the case - and we’ve slayed more dreaded bugs than these." Personally, not punishing players is an attitude I can get behind.

In the meantime, you could always turn your attention back to PvE and try to outshine Esoterickk, a player who beat the King's Fall raid on hard mode. By himself

Sam Prell

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