Bubba Ho-Tep review

Bubba Ho-Tep appears to have been dreamed up by a fanboy think-tank fuelled entirely by Dr Pepper and crack cocaine. Elvis Presley (Bruce Campbell) is living in a nursing home with a black man who thinks he's former President John F Kennedy (Ossie Davis). The two forge an unlikely alliance when an Egyptian soul-sucker takes to feasting on their fellow residents...

How cult movie is that? We'll tell you: it's cult to the power of cult. Squared. And that's part of the problem. Don Coscarelli's film is so aware of its own kookiness that it's hard to hold the finished product at anything other than arm's length.

Shelved in the UK since 2002, Bubba Ho-Tep's worth watching if only to witness the seventh coming of Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell. His trashy portrayal of Elvis is the least convincing you'll ever see. It's also the most entertaining thing in the movie. He alone makes the sequel jokingly promised in the end credits almost enticing.

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