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Brütal Legend

Nov 8, 2007

Tim Schafer and Jack Black. What a match. The latter has molded a career from escalating rock fandom into an extreme comedic art form, whilst the former creates comedic gaming masterpieces that induce the fervent fandom usually reserved for rock gods. One so adored, paired with another so well versed in adoration can only be a good thing. And has led to this good thing.

Now, for those unfamiliar with Schafer's work, shame on you. Printing a three page biography of the man that brought us the comic musings of Monkey Island before creating Grim Fandango and the grossly under-bought Psychonauts would not only fail to make a dent on a lifetime of a game dev genius but would also waste this opportunity to get up close and personal with what looks to be one of his finest works yet.BrütalLegend (with Motley umlaut application over the 'u') is looking epic.