New Bridgerton board game has you wooing suitors and screwing rivals with scandal

Bridgerton: The High Society Game cover with a portrait and dancers
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A Bridgerton board game is on its way, and although it's just as interested in attending balls and finding a suitable match as its Netflix inspiration, it seems just as feisty too - you can ruin your rivals' prospects with a well-played scandal.

It's unclear what that scandal might be, but considering the show's saucy reputation, it's probably going to be juicy. And considering how this all happens under cover of attending balls and attempting to woo eligible suitors for marriage (with the victor being the one who's secured the 'best' match), the Bridgerton board game seems very true to the Netflix series. 

Developed by Mixlore (a team known for adaptations and puzzles based on some of the best board games, like Catan and Ticket to Ride), this seems to take its cues from Marrying Mr. Darcy. The latter, which can be found at Amazon, has a similar setup where you take on Jane Austen's most eligible bachelorettes in an effort to win the affection of characters such as Mr. Bingley or Darcy himself. Seeing as it's one of the best card games if you love Regency-era romance, that connection is no bad thing. However, the ability to cause a scandal - one which Lady Whistledown would presumably write about - seems new for Bridgerton.

In terms of when you can get it, the Bridgerton board game looks set to launch this July. You can pre-order it for $24.99 at Walmart, for example. With any luck, that means it may make an appearance in the upcoming Prime Day board game deals

You can find out more about the game below.

Bridgerton: The High Society Game

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Price$24.99 / £26.99
Players3 - 6

This adaptation of Bridgerton "brings to life the social scene from the hit Netflix series" with quick 30-minute games. As a young aristocrat from the series that's ready to hit the ton, you've got to vie for an eligible suitor's hand over the course of eight grand balls. However, "every prospect has hidden Traits that affect their desirability and prestige. If you are determined, you can find the best match and marry someone you truly love. Of course… it certainly won’t hurt your chances if one of your competitors is caught in a bit of scandal."

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