Bravely Second: End Layer demo will be essential playing for fans

Bravely Second: End Layer, the sequel to Bravely Default with an even more brilliantly bizarre name, has come bearing gifts for western fans. Not only is the game set for North American release on April 15th, but it's bringing a hefty collector's edition along, and an equally weighty demo to keep fans busy while they wait.

Much like Bravely Default did when it came out in 2014, Bravely Second is offering up a 10-hour demo called The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers, a side-story that will be released on the Nintendo eShop ahead of Bravely Second's launch. According to a representative from Nintendo of America, the side-story contains "new jobs, some new areas to explore," plus "bonuses and Streetpass tags you can transfer into the main game." We don’t have a release date for the demo yet, but expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

If that still isn't enough Bravely for you, the Bravely Second Collector's Edition is set for release the same day as the standard edition. It comes with a copy of the game, a ten-song soundtrack, and a 250-page artbook, naturally full of concept art and developer commentary for fans in desperate need of more Bravely content after two years without. The full package will cost $69.99 compared to $49.99 for the standard edition.

Bravely Second: End Layer returns to the world of Luxendarc years after the end of the Bravely Default, when former protagonist Agnes Oblige is kidnapped by the mysterious Kaiser Oblivion, kicking off another charming, old-school JRPG adventure. In addition to returning characters like foe-turned-friend Edea Lee, new heroes will be joining your party, including a quiet central protagonist named Yew (*groan*), and a French-speaking Moon citizen called Magnolia, who's a self-described "Ba'al buster" (*groan*).

While the familiar turn-based battles of Bravely Default will return in Bravely Second, it comes with a few clever additions, including the ability to stack battles for greater risk and reward. When you claim victory in combat, you'll be given the option to launch into another fight with bonus experience points for your trouble, which increase with every subsequent battle you take on. Lose in the process, however, and all those experience points are gone, building in an interesting gamble that could take the repetitive pain out of standard RPG grinding. Bravely Second, fighting the good fight.

Ashley Reed

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