Brad Bird rules himself out of directing Episode VII

Another day, and another director rules himself out of the directorial hot-seat for Disney’s forthcoming franchise revival, Star Wars: Episode VII .

Brad Bird had been hotly tipped as one of the frontrunners to land the coveted gig, but denied the rumours while answering a Q and A session with fans over Twitter.

“Not doing Star Wars ,” he confirmed, before going on to explain that his next project was, “a science fiction film… not Star Wars .”

That science fiction film is none other than 1952 , a sweeping epic that just cast George Clooney in the leading role. “The science fiction film I AM doing, is gonna be cool,” said Bird, with just a hint of irritation at the constant Star Wars questions.

“That said, Michael Arndt is a fantastic writer and Kathy Kennedy is a brilliant producer. I will be first in line to see the new STAR WARS .”

Star Wars: Episode VII
opens in the UK on 17 July 2015.

George Wales

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