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Dan Jurgens reunites with Booster Gold & Blue Beetle as they try to become social media celebrities

Blue & Gold #1
(Image credit: Ryan Sook (DC))

Booster Gold has always prided himself on being a celebrity superhero (sometimes, albeit, just in his own mind), but now he's found a new medium to conquer: social media (of course!).

(Image credit: Dave Johnson (DC))
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In the new limited series Blue & Gold, DC's dynamically dysfunctional duo Blue Beetle and Booster Gold reunite with a plan to make it big on the social media scene - and have roped in Booster Gold co-creator Dan Jurgens to write their likely misadventures, with in-demand artist Ryan Sook drawing the title.

"Desperate to regain the spotlight, Booster Gold looks to attract the public's (and Justice League's) attention the same way any washed-up, second-rate hero would—social media," reads DC's description of Blue & Gold #1. "The not-so-tech-savvy hero from the 25th century enlists the help of his best friend, Blue Beetle, who possesses both the money and the brains to help his old pal navigate the scary world of internet influencers.

(Image credit: Ryan Sook (DC))
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"Watch out, evildoers, our heroes are live and online!"

While seemingly inseparable in the minds of comic book fans (and most comic book creators who write and draw them), Booster Gold and Blue Beetle weren't originally planned as BBFs. It wasn't until a chance team-up in the late '80s 'bwa ha ha ha!' era of the Justice League (opens in new tab) in which the comedy gold was uncovered. Together they've been everything from classic superheroes to repo men, gaming resort owners, and even corporate-sponsored superheroes like NASCAR drivers.

The series lays to rest questions about Booster and Beetle's prominent inclusion in Infinite Frontier marketing. The pair were on the cover on Infinite Frontier #0 (opens in new tab)and were included on a splash page image teasing many of DC's 2021 plans, and now readers know why. 

Blue & Gold #1 (of 8) goes on sale on July 20.

Booster Gold & Blue Beetle are number 1 on our list of the best BFF duos in comic book history.

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