BLOG True Blood Episode Review 2.11 - Frenzy


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Blogger Kelly Harker gives her verdict for episode eleven of True Blood. (WARNING: Contains spoilers!)

2.11 “Frenzy”
Written by Alan Ball
Directed by Dan Minahan

Blogger rating:

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THE ONE WHERE Bill enjoys a mini-holiday at the Vampire Queen’s mansion where he drinks from a lovely cabana boy, soaks up some faux sunshine, gets a lesson on maenads, and enjoys a game of Yahtzee. Not knowing that Bill, Sookie and Jason have returned from Dallas, Sam seeks out Eric’s help regarding Maryann. Meanwhile, Jason and Andy hope to be the town’s saviors but don’t really accomplish anything; Hoyt has second thoughts about his relationship with Jessica; Sookie and Lafayette continue to try to protect Tara from Maryann; the towns folk remain bonkers.

VERDICT What’s the best thing about this episode? Yes, I agree that all of the scenes with Eric were really good... but for me the best, most shocking scene is learning that Maryann was actually summoned because of Tara’s exorcism in season one. It was the dark rituals of the exorcism that actually made it happen. This great plot reveal ties both seasons together perfectly, and it answers a lot of questions like why Maryann has been so invested in Tara, why Miss Jeanette was killed, and why Maryann choose Bon Temps to corrupt. With the second season starting to wind down it’s great to finally get some clear answers about Maryann. With one episode to go before the finale, and every main character trying to figure out how to kill Maryann, a resolution for the maenad problem in Bon Temps seems promising. I really can’t imagine the writers dragging her storyline into the third season.

Jessica and Hoyt’s romance also may not continue into the next season as problems resulting from her being a vampire keeps disturbing the harmony between them. Sure they’ve got their problems, but it would be such a shame to see Jessica and Hoyt break up because they’re so adorable together. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for those two.

And is how they’re portraying Evan Rachel Wood as the Vampire Queen a disappointment to anyone else? Although I like how sensual the character is, I was really hoping Sophie-Anne Leclerq was going to be more malevolent. However, Eric and Bill seemed to be terrified of her, so perhaps her character is just waiting to pleasantly surprise me...

MORE SEX PLEASE, WE’RE HBO Perhaps the first time for a True Blood episode, there wasn’t any actual sex going on. Just a lot of foreplay. What’s up with that?! Hurumpf.

GUEST APPEARANCE Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, is played by Evan Rachel Wood ( American Gothic, Practical Magic ).

MAENADS 101 According to the Queen Vamp, Maryann (being a maenad) needs to offer a supernatural being (preferably Sam) as a sacrifice to Dionysus in order to summon him. All of her hard work in Bon Temps has been in hopes of summoning and pleasing her god, Dionysus so that he will marry her...or something. And Maryann also wants to die. I think. Even with Sophie-Anne’s informative lesson about maenads, I’m still a bit lost...

VAMPIRES 101 Vampires have the ability to fly, as proved by Eric Northman when he bolts into the night sky like Superman, with a surprised Sam and Arlene’s two kids looking on. What a fun talent for his character to have! Really, could Eric be any cooler?

EWW! GROSS! The scene showing one of Bon Temps female residents giddily humming a song whilst slowing cutting her own fingers off was very disturbing, creepy and gory. Yay!

WTF?! The episode ends with black-eyed Tara and Eggs building a nest to protect a very large egg (possibly of the ostrich variety.). Is this another gift offering for Dionysus, or a hint at a new supernatural being about to be born into the series?

BEST LINE Eric: [About Arlene’s two kids] “They’re like humans, but miniature. Teacup humans.”

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