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Blade Runner: Origins uncovers a replicant conspiracy 10 years before the original film

Blade Runner: Origins #5
(Image credit: Veronica Fish (Titan Comics))

The untold story of the Blade Runners continues this August with Titan Comics' Blade Runner: Origins #5. This issue is the beginning of a new four-part arc by writers K. Perkins and Mellow Brown, with art by Fernardo Dagnino.

"LAPD detective Cal Moreaux has teamed up with an escaped experimental replicant, who has been uploaded with the memories of a dead Tyrell Corporation scientist, whose suicide he was sent to investigate," reads Titan Comics' description of the issue.

In addition to the primary Blade Runner: Origins #5 with a cover by Dani Strips, there are variant covers by Jesus Hervas, Robert Hack, and Veronica Fish.

Set 10 years before the events of the original film, Blade Runner: Origins follows the founding of the Blade Runner police division, and their initial attempts to understand the rise of replicants. While the world hasn't reached the dystopic state you're familiar with from the films, Blade Runner's 2009 is on the precipice of that - with those financially able to evacuate to Off-world colonies doing so, leaving others behind.

In Blade Runner: Origins, LAPD detective Moreaux, who suffers from PTSD, uncovered a vast conspiracy involving the replicants when he first began investigating the death of Lyda Kine, the Tyrell Corporation bioengineer who helped create a new version of replicant dubbed 'Nexus-5'.

By the end of the first arc of Blade Runner: Origins, Moreaux discovered a rogue replicant killed Kine but she was later revived - sort of - with her memories uploaded to a male replicant named Asa.

Blade Runner: Origins #5 goes on sale on August 11. A collection of the first four issues goes on sale on August 17 as Blade Runner: Origins Volume 1 (opens in new tab).

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