Black Ops Cold War map inspires a hilarious YouTube house tour

Black Ops Cold War Raid map may be a fan favorite, but it's an architectural nightmare according to one YouTube creator. Check out the video above, and read on for more.

Black Ops Cold War Season One brought back Raid, a 6v6 multiplayer map from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. As ReplayMode points out, Raid is set in the Hollywood Hills of California, which is in the US despite Black Ops Cold War not being set in the US at all. But that's not the core issue at play here - it's the nonsensical layout of this mansion. 

"Honestly, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the layout," says the video's fictional host Lt. Gary Aswalt. "The garage is on the far east side, disconnected from the rest of the house, then there's the bedroom, with a nice view of the pool below but uh, nothing else connected to it." He's not wrong, the bedroom just sort of exists separate from the rest of the house, which may be nice in terms of decreasing the foot traffic that goes past your sleeping quarter, but is certainly a pain if you're a midnight snacker. 

There's also no connections or hallways between the kitchen, laundry, office, and bedroom - it's all outdoor patio space, which means if it does manage to rain in LA, you'll be getting wet during your morning commute from the bedroom to the office. "You expect someone to carry all their laundry from this building over here, all the way through the garden, what's basically an outdoor kitchen, courtyard, and pool, just to get up to the bedroom?" ReplayMode asks. If you manage to make this laundry trek without losing a sock, there's no play to put the laundry basket because there's no dresser in the bedroom. 

Oh, and there's a panic room with a window inside, which seems counterintuitive. But at least there's still the basketballs that you can shoot into the basket. 

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Alyssa Mercante

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