Bizarre unveils bikes in new PGR 4 screens

17 new screenshots from Project Gotham Racing 4 officially lift the lid on the inclusion of bikes in the sequel.

"...this brings a massive new dimension to PGR racing," says developer Bizarre in an extensive in-house preview on the two-wheel racing. "The game will feature both cars and bikes on the same track at the same time, with unique 'Gotham style' handling. One thing's for sure: this isn't bikes as you've seen them before..."

It explains that one of its main missions with bikes was to ensure they're fun to race, so you can pull off wheelies, endos and powerslides that earn you bike-specific Kudos, and a stunt button lets you perform crazy crazy moves which score you further Kudos goodness.

Above: Faced!

You can read the rest of Bizarre's wordshere.

July 10, 2007