BioShock swims solo

Developer, Irrational Games' intensely anticipated PC and Xbox 360 underwater blastathon, BioShock, won't have any multiplayer features and will only use online for downloadable content.

This flotsam of news has surfaced from aQ&A on the game's official site, which explains: "BioShock features a compelling storyline that revolves around the experiences of one man as he enters the decaying world of Rapture. Having a multiplayer component would have compromised the story we were trying to tell so we made the decision to keep this game as a single-player experience."

While knee-jerkers might moan about the absence of any multiplayer, we're sure it can only be a good thing if it means thatIrrational is focusing all its efforts into making the single-player jaunt as mind-blowingly brilliant as it can be - and,from what we've seen, it's going to be just that.

January 22, 2007