BioShock: New beasties revealed

This new wave of images for the ever-impressive undersea adventure, BioShock, reveals several new-look nasties from the depths of the game's doomed subterranean city, Rapture. There's also a fresh look at some familiar denizens of the deep - hit the Image tab above to see all the shots.

Above: The surviving inhabitants of Rapture's ruined sprawl are, largely, out for your blood

This sparky-looking chap above seems to be a sort of hostile robot/clown/policeman thing, crackling with dangerous electrical power. And there's also a glimpse at the more protective side of the Big Daddies, as one hefts up his Little Sister and responds to attack.

Set to launch in Spring next year, BioShock's intriguing and mysterious atmosphere- and bags of explosive action- has already confirmed it as one of our most anticipated gaming adventures. And a glance through these gorgeous images should be enough to convince you, too.

December 15, 2006