BioShock - killing spree

It's no secret that BioShock is one of the most anticipated games of the year. As such, it's been covered to high hell, with countless pages scattered across the internet, every one of them gushing about this oppressive, atmospheric shooter. Our E3 2007 appointment with the game began like most others, so we were prepared to let the coverage slide for once just to focus on other games for the time being. Well, that plan went out the window once we saw how many crazies you can mow down in no time flat.

The setting wasArcadia, an area that's already been discussed before. What made this demo so captivating was the sheer number of ways you can drop the rushing wave of nutso baddies. While you're waiting for a gas to spread throughout the compound, they're trying to cut or blast their way in and take you down. So, while they're using a flame to cut open a door, you can start setting some insane traps.

First up is a trip wire. You install one point as the anchor and then place the other end somewhere else, and whatever crosses its path, explodes. If you misplace the wire, your telekinesis can safely transfer it to another, more heavily trafficked area. In this case, it was right in front of the door the baddies are cutting. Just beyond the trip wire are several proximity mines. The moment the enemies burst through, the resulting explosion took out a few, but more kept pouring outward.

Brett Elston

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