Bioshock - Jack Thompson's next target

Aug 17, 2007

Jack Thompson, our favourite angry attorney, has been a bit quiet of late. With Manhunt 2 postponed and GTA IV delayed, he hasn't got much to moan about these days... or at least you'd think so.

According to a comment apparently posted by Thompson on Game Politics, it looks like the videogame-hating attorney is about to set his sights on 2K's Bioshock - the gorgeous shooter that's currently getting top marks from the gaming press.

"Please note that big trouble is on the way for Take-Two re BioShock" states Thompson, likely enraged by the game's large abundance of adult content and highly-detailed hookers. No, hold on...

Bioshock is a violent game no-doubt, and it does have little girls for you to kill at will - but it's blatantly heavily wrapped in a fantasy world and isn't supposed to recreate real life in the same ways as say GTA. How many times have you shot fire balls from your wrist?

Next on the hit list: Beautiful Katamari, for disgusting scenes of mindless destruction and sticky theft.