Exclusive: Billy Connolly discusses being in The Hobbit: "The size of the outfit I wore, it was like wearing my Volkswagen"

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A boilermaker who became Britain’s most beloved comedian, Billy Connolly’s love affair with film started with the western double bills he’d watch as a bairn. Though the ‘Big Yin’ wouldn’t make his big-screen debut until he was 36, Connolly’s career has taken in comedies, Bafta-nominated dramas and a trip to Middle-earth. He’ll be back on screens shortly for one-night-only stand-up special The Sex Life Of Bandages. Here's a segment from our sister publication Total Film's interview with Connolly, discussing a few of his major blockbuster movies.

TF: How did you get involved in The Last Samurai? 

Connolly: The director asked for me. All his life, he had liked that cavalry film, Fort Apache. There’s this Irish guy in the US cavalry. When he saw this part, he thought that I could be the equivalent. 

Did you enjoy playing a zombie in Fido? 

It was brilliant because I didn’t say a word in it! There are some great lines in that movie. “Things would be different if you didn’t eat Mrs. McIntyre…”

How did you find the make-up? 

It was hellish. But it wasn’t as bad as the other one, The Hobbit. My make-up for The Hobbit took four hours a day. And the size of the outfit I wore, it was like wearing my Volkswagen. And I had, underneath all my clothes, this vest which was pneumatic. You plugged a hose in at the bottom of it, and it squished cold water around you if you overheated, and then I could act again. 

And ride an armoured boar into battle! 

It was great. I’ve got the best line in the movie: “Let’s give these bastards a good hammering!” All the other actors were insanely jealous.

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