Big Momma's House review

Better latex than never for Martin Lawrence, whose latest vehicle - (Mrs Doubtfire meets The Nutty Professor) - casts him as a resourceful FBI agent and master of disguise who piles on the prosthetics to crack a case.

Sent to find the ex-girlfriend (Long) of a bank robber (Howard) who's escaped from prison, Lawrence stakes out the house of her lard-ass granny (Mitchell). When the latter leaves town, he transforms himself into Big Momma and waits for Long to show.

The Kindergarten Cop-style plot is merely an excuse for all manner of escapades as "Momma" fends off a randy OAP, delivers a baby, plays basketball and attends a self-defence class. Lawrence keeps the laughs flowing, but you can't help thinking of him as a poor man's Eddie Murphy, especially given the latter's predilection for prosthetics.

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