Big Bang Mini

When you think of firework games, the mind immediately pings to Boom Boom Rocket (or for us older stagers, Fantavision). Both of these were cracking little titles - but developer Arkedo reckons it’s not a bit like either one of them - and it’s definitely not a puzzler!

Instead it appears to be a ballistic-based battler, a shoot-’em-up-into-the-sky, if you will. The object is to create barrages of beautiful sky bombs with your stylus and spray them into the air to ward off the waves of enemies wafting about above your head. But be warned, miss and you’ll be dodging a rain of sparks sprinkling down from your own wayward ordnance. Talk about being hoisted by your own petard. And at the end of every level there’ll be a chance to show off your skills by creating a final bouquet to paint the night sky like a glistening burny canvas.

Here is a game that offers some nifty night time scenery peppered with lushly colorful lightshows. And yes, it does sound a tad like Fantavision after all. But it’s a Fantavision that offers a feast of comedy alien death. All brutal and cute at the same time, with pretty pyros and hardcore shooting. The gameplay promises to be full of natural sweepy gestures, and with over 90 levels exploding into your hands, it looks like it’s also got a modicum of depth to it. Everyone loves fireworks - but just remember, it’s not a puzzler!

May 14, 2008