Best of E3 06: 360

John Woo presents Stranglehold

Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway/Tiger Hill Games
Release Date:Late 2006

Let's face it, film director John Woo and movie star Chow Yun Fat have been one of the greatest teams ever to work in action cinema. Now they bring their skull-cracking expertise to the video game community with Stranglehold, an opus of bullets and acrobatic gunplay never seen before in the games medium. As the creator of the concept of "bullet time," we have to go ahead and let Woo re-brand it "Tequila Time" if he wants - especially since it's masterfully done in Stranglehold.

Like in most of his classic Hong Kong action flicks, Chow Yun Fat literally bounces off the walls as the bullets fly from his twin pistols. Extra punch is packed by Midway's new system called Massive D, which takes the term "destructible environment" to an entirely new level. Expect to grab Fat by the guns in late 2006.

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