Best of E3 06: 360

Mass Effect

Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Bioware
Release Date: Fall 2006

Coupling the kind of rich storyline found in games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and the shooting action of games like The Outfit, Mass Effect looks like it might deliver everything we've ever wanted in an action RPG. Not content to stick with the RPG staples, Mass Effect expands on player interaction on every level. Conversations are fluid and intuitive, seeming more like tactical verbal combat than canned menu selections. While blasting away at enemies seems rudimentary when compared to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, it's light-years beyond other titles that feature as much character customization and depth of plot as Mass Effect.

Set in a literal universe packed with alien planets and star systems, Mass Effect enables unprecedented exploration. This expansive title is still a little ways off, but the taste we got at E3 has only increased our eagerness to see more.

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