Best of CheatPlanet September 6th-10th, Kingdom Hearts: BBS, RTS strategies for newbies

Well it's that time of year again, the dog days of summer have just wrapped up and you're either headed back to school or you're grinding away at work, except now it'll be darker sooner, and colder to boot. If there's one upside to the lack of sun and incoming miserable weather, it's that you can feel less guilty for locking yourself in your room and tearing into a stack of games. This week we've got a FAQ for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (make sure your room is properly ventilated before blowing all the dust off of your PSP), and some helpful strategies from Tyler Nagata and Matt Keast about Starcraft 2 and RTSes in general. Also, Mafia 2!

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Resident editor Chris Antista gave the latest in the Kingdom Hearts franchise a favorable review, which means there’s at least three good games that have been released for the PSP this year. That’s a 300% annual increase in good PSP games! To celebrate this momentous occasion we’ve got a FAQ/Walkthrough for Birth by Sleep for you right here. Also make sure to check out the info about the secret bosses and how to unlock a sneak peak at the next Kingdom Hearts game right here.

StarCraft 2

Despite my best efforts I’m still terrible at Starcraft 2, but fortunately Tyler Nagat is here to defend GamesRadar’s RTS honor. Tyler recently wrote a little guide for getting the incredibly difficult “Aces High” achievement, that requires you to beat the last level on hard without using the Artifact more than once. So if you think you’ve got what it takes check out Mr. Nagata’s Aces High Achievement guide.

While it’s not just for Starcraft 2, our own Matt Keast wrote a very useful RTS strategy guide for beginners, picking apart the basics, and telling you what you’ll need to do to improve. As usual, Matt does a great job of breaking the genre down and getting you into the right mindest to understand what you’re doing wrong and what you’ll have to do to get better. I'm still getting beat by monkeys with keyboards and miceglued to their paws, but hey, I'm learning.

Mafia 2

Mafia 2 did a great job of capturing the classy, but ruthless feel of the 40s mob, capitalizing on the “dudes in suits” craze that Mad Men started. The game also has a slew of wanted posters for you to collect, so the meticulous Mr. Reparaz went ahead and found all 159 of them for you. So get out there and get collecting so we can separate the gaming bambinos from the gaming dons.

Sep 10, 2010

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